Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fruits of Our Labors

I've never really enjoyed shopping. I know, I know, but it's the truth. I think one of my favorite jobs ever was working in the misses department at Sears when I was in high school because I didn't really have to think. If someone I worked with said, "Hey, you'd look good in that," I'd say ok and buy it. Done and done.

My dislike for shopping grew 300% this weekend when I realized that both Aren and Tatiana needed new shoes for church and that Rick and I were in desparate need of sneakers. My game plan was to go to Payless and do the buy one get one half off deal and spend as little as possible. I know what you're thinking...Sears? Payless? You're noticing a pattern. Yes, I'm cheap. You try clawing your way out of $50,000 in credit card/medical debt and tell me where you shop.

So, in we go and Tatiana, unlike her mother, is in heaven. She immediately begins making the sign for shoes and screaming the word and almost like magic, runs to her size, sits down and begins taking her shoes off and not so patiently waits for me to dress her. Rick grabs Aren and they go to look for some size three shoes. After trying on every pair of size 5 and 6 white dress shoes, the perfect pair of shoes is found and Tatiana walks away, eager to show Rick her amazing find. By this point, I'm ready to call it a day, but I keep plugging away. I find Rick and ask about Aren's shoes. "We couldn't find any to slip on." My cold stare told him that was not the right answer so I grabbed Aren and pulled him back over two aisles while yelling, "Rick, where's Tatiana?" Aren replies, "I'll get her!" "NO! Rick?!" "I'll find her babe." She was found...walking right out the door.

One pair of shoes later, Aren has new dress shoes and I again find Rick. "Any luck?" "No, I've been watching Tatiana, remember?" Another cold stare. "Aren, watch your sister. Rick, find some freaking shoes." Another one pair of shoes later, I found some that would work well enough. Again, "Rick, any luck?" "Well, these are ok, but I was thinking about these..." Third and final cold stare was followed by, "These will do."

And out we walked with four pair of shoes, Rick wanting to shoot himself in the head, me remembering once again why I hate shopping, Aren begging for a new video games, and Tatiana screaming for more shoes. Behold, the fruits of our labors.


My Name's Sarah said...

That's great! Pah hah-- you're cheap!

Elizabeth said...

Great finds. I hate taking the kids shopping too. I'd love it if I had only two to take to the store. Count your blessings!

Emilie and Branden said...

I freaking hate shopping too. But I LOVE BOGO at Payless! It's my favorite shoe store.

marty said...

I went shopping last time Roger was TDY for shoes for all 4 of my girls. By the time we were done I needed a nap, we had found the shoes, and I don't remember what we ate for dinner, but it wasn't anything I cooked! I'm looking for mail order shoe shopping. You know netflix for the shoes in your life?