Sunday, August 24, 2008


You know, every now and then I am truly grateful for all the work and thought that was put into making this world. I love watching the seasons change, seeing little flowers pop up out of nowhere in the middle of the dessert, watching the waves crash on the beach, and most recently, I am grateful that I am not a meerkat.

Netflix had some shipping problems last week so I had to resort to watching regular tv instead of tv from five years past and I was quickly sucked into Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. Now many of you know I do NOT like animals...hate them is actually a better term, but I do love myself a good reality show and this has got all the drama of The Real World mixed with all the craziness of Rock of Love.

Don't believe me? Check out what happened in one episode...Rocket Dog is the leader of the Whiskers family and apparently there were way too many pregnant chicks in the burrow so she kicked some of them out, leaving only Rita, who was pregnant, and a few other males. Rocket Dog herself was pregnant, had four lil' meerkats and then after a hard labor and delivery decided to go eat something...who wouldn't? Well, that pregnant jerk Rita decided to stick around to "take care" of the others. Oh she did alright. She freaking killed the four babies so she could have her own kid in peace and not have to worry about there being enough food! Can you imagine?

I started thinking about my own family and who I would take out so my kids could survive. I mean, Katharine has five kids with one on the way, so she would be the obvious choice...more food for the whole family thing, but the majority of them are boys so they could be put to work. Sarah has a kid with half a heart so maybe I should go for the weakest. Then again, Sarah's other kid is freakishly strong for an almost five year old, so maybe I'll let them be. Mom and Bill are getting old so they're on their way out anyways, but she is afterall my mother so I might have to leave them alone as well.

Back to the original point of the story...thank you Heavenly Father for keeping balance in this world. Thank you for not making me a meerkat, and thank you even more for letting them be the ones to duke it out in the crazy Kalahari desert instead of me...I'd miss my family too much.


The Hatch's said...

I love Rock of Love!!! Will Brett hurry up and break up with this last girl so we can have some more good TV!!

Robinson's said...

"all the drama of The Real World mixed with all the craziness of Rock of Love."
LOL, I love your thoughts MaryBeth!

Brandon said...
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kellyclay said...

MaryBeth, Thank you, Thank you for always puting a smile on my face and making me laugh. :P

oh and it makes you wonder what the comment you deleted was, it must have been pretty bad. just being my nosey self. :)

Kimberly said...

You're hilarious, Mary Beth!!

summer said...

you make me giggle