Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing Deal!

So I guess Nordstrom sells a brand of makeup called e.l.f. I wouldn't know being as I live in the middle of nowhere and have for the past five years. Apparently Nordstrom is buying out the company so the company is now getting rid of all their makeup with the e.l.f. name on it. Bad for them, GREAT for you!

Go to this site

and witness the amazing deals going on. Almost everything is only $1.00...yup. A buck! That's everything including brushes, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascarra, you name it. Some of their mineral makeup is a little more expensive, but it's still ridiculous.

As a side note, if you punch in the code CAROLINA at check out, you'll get %50 off your order up to $15.00 and shipping is around $7.00, but even then I paid less than twenty dollars and got way too much make up. Have fun!


The Wilkins Family said...

Wow, thanks.

Laurie said...

Darn you. I'm not supposed to be spending any more money this week. Oops.
(and my alarm clock magically turned itself off this morning. wierd, right?)

JAMIE said...

Elf isn't actually sold in Nordstroms, that's more of an Internet or marketing rumor to boost sales. It's not a high end makeup. It's more like Wet N Wild, but it is a great deal.

I've bought their lip glosses and brushes, and I've been happy. :)

MaryBeth said...

Dammit! Jamie, I was just about to update my blog. My friend just told me I'd been scammed. She did say that it was pretty good make up considering. I'm a retard.

Annette said...

Great, I've been passing on bad info to all the girls I know. It was just what somebody else told me. I wouldn't know, I don't shop Nordstroms for makeup, I'm more of a cheap Covergirl girl. I bought 26$ worth. I hope we both like it when it comes.

MaryBeth said...

Me too Annette :)