Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Growing up in Maryland we had the opportunity to watch the Baltimore Orioles every summer.  We started out at Memorial Stadium with three buck night and went from there and every game was full of fun and stories to tell.  Now I live in the middle of nowhere and major league baseball isn't an option, but in Tucson there is a minor league team that fills my desire to relive those fun summer days.

Last night we went to the last game of the Tucson Toros with the Bartholets  and we had a blast!  We left Tatiana at home and had date night with Aren which he claimed as "the best night of his life".  I don't know whether that's good news or pretty dang sad.  Either way, it was pretty fun.  For a measly 13 bucks per seat we were in box seats and even had a guy that would take our orders and bring food back to us so we didn't have to miss a thing.  Plus we were in shouting distance of the Toros players.  Our favorite for the night?  Luis.  Easy on the eyes and acknowledged our teen screams every time!  We're getting season tickets next year!

The family...minus the crazy one
The Bartholets
Aren and Tuffy, the mascot
Laurel and our Luis!


pocahontas said...

That looked like so much fun!

laurdacooj said...

ha ha hah a!! I love Luis! ha ha ha hah ah!!! I can't wait til next year- that was the funnest az times ever:) !!! I totally understand where Aren is coming from!!
p.s. my throat hurts from my teenage screams still! h aha ha h so much fun!

Snookfam said...

LOVE IT!!!! We are a big baseball fam here. My husband is the photographer for our local Spokane Indians baseball team. Looks like you had a great time.