Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Going

Last September I declared that I was going to run a 5k in November and I reported back on that successfully.  Well, I thought I would let the blogging world know that I am continuing in my endeavors and am still going strong.  I am currently in the middle of week 4 of Bridge to 10K which helps you to run for 60 minutes straight and I am proud to say that this morning I reached a personal distance goal - 4.52 miles!

If you're interested, I've started a new blog called Chubby Gurlz Running which you can access by clicking on the penguin picture on the side of my blog.  It's just a blog documenting myself and three other of my self-proclaimed chubby friends as we try and reach our running goals, specifically our 1/2 marathon in June.  I know, a half marathon?  This should be interesting.


Denise said...

that is so great, MB! I'm thinking about a 10k and I've been noticing your updates on FB. I'll have to look into that training plan.

Higleys said...

You are awesome. I hope I can catch up with you post baby.

amelia said...

YEAH YOU CAN DO IT! That's awesome. Running is an addiction :)

Megan said...

You rock MB! I love the penguin. My favorite shirt I have has a turtle on it and says, "I am running!!"
Keep it up!