Sunday, February 20, 2011


Mom and Dad - 1974
Today during Primary we had a member of the Stake Presidency come in and talk to the kids.  He stood up and immediately began talking about his daughter who was the Primary president and how much he loved her and you could tell.  His eyes lit up as he talked about his sweet Judy and how special she was to him.  Without realizing it the tears poured down my cheeks.  You see, this April will be 25 years since my dad died and normally it is what it is and I don't feel deprived not having had a father with me, but I found myself a little jealous of that relationship this morning.

I don't remember a lot about my father as I was only 11 when he died, but I do remember a few things.  I have very clear memories of sitting on his lap during church and playing with his tie and I remember coloring pictures of him and I always had an arrow pointing to the top of his head with the words "Bald" written so there wouldn't be any mistaken thoughts that he did not have a lot of hair up on top.  I remember walking into his room after he got home from delivering papers and crawling under the covers to just lay there while he read the newspaper, and I didn't dare move because he would kick me out - no wiggles.  I remember going downtown to work with him during the summer and sharpening pencils with his electric sharpener and I will always remember him driving us to the Smithsonian to sing with the children's choir I was in and giving me a few dollars to give to the homeless guy on the corner, followed by the words that I was no better than that man and whenever I saw someone who asked for money, it was my responsibility to give it to them, whether I thought they needed it or not. I remember how he loved my mom and each of us.  He had a talent and ability to make each of us feel like we were his favorite...I really was though ;)

I'm so thankful for the few years I had with this man and for the things he taught me.  I look forward to the day when I can see that twinkle in his eye once again, as he introduces me to someone as his daughter.  I miss him.  Love you, dad.


hdknowles said...

MaryBeth, my dad died when I was 11also and it's been 25 years since my mom died. Your dad was so young when he died but your mother did a great job raising your family. I have very fond memories of the night before my dad died and what a great time we all had. Things happen for reasons we cannot understand at the time, but I'm glad you have those memories of your dad.

Higleys said...

Good memory. Thank you for sharing. I loved the "bald" drawings.

Marissa said...

:*( Thank you so much for sharing and giving me such great perspective all the time. Bless you!

Alison said...

This is the first photo that I have seen of your Dad. You and your sisters really look like him.

Cindy said...

I remember the day your dad died and how unfair it seemed. I couldn't imagine how your mother would be able to manage. Now I am amazed at the wonderful job she has done and I'm sure your dad looks down with pride quite often. He is certainly one of the good guys.