Monday, May 23, 2011

Ballet Recitals and Talent Shows

Sailor Tatiana
Tatiana had her first ballet/tap recital this past weekend.  $200 in lessons, $30 sign up fee, $40 recital fee, and $60 for a costume all resulted in a total of about six minutes of performance time and I must admit, she did amazing.  She was so stinking cute and loved showing every person her mad skillz.  Still not sure if this is her passion, she's three for crying out loud, but she sure can work it on the stage.

Proud daddy

Aren also preformed this week.  He got a bee in his bonnet this year and just HAD to perform in the school talent show.  I admit, I was a little worried about the whole thing, after all, he decided that the best song to sing was In the End by Linkin Park.  Yup.  Seriously.  Concern went out the door after the first performance by a kid who sang It's My Life by Bon Jovi.  The kid had a speech issue so the first line sound a little like, "Dis ain a saung for da bwoken harted".  I knew we were safe.  He did great...


Higleys said...

Awesome kids! I remember reciting sick from shel silverstein for a school talent show. What a geek I was.

Kimberly said...

What talented and adorable kids! Not a shy bone in their bodies is there?! :)