Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Conversation With Tatiana

Me: Sweetie, I am so tired of you not obeying!  You need to obey.
Tatiana: I don't like to obey.
Me: Do you even know what obey means?
Tatiana: No.
Me: It means you need to listen to mommy and do what she tells you to do.
Tatiana: Hmmm.  I think I need some lessons in that.


hdknowles said...

Look at her face - how can you deny her anything - she's so cute!

Higleys said...

AMEN, If you find so good lessons please pass them on. We need some obedients PDQ. I'm seriously considering doggy obedience school (or I would if it were cheap enough: )

Denise said...

Well, at least she is humble and teachable, right? What a cutie!