Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something to Think About

Have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls?  LOOOOVE that movie.  It has way too many funny lines that need to be repeat over and over.  My sister and I will text each other or call and leave messages saying only the random phrases and then hang up.  Again, love it.  One of my favorite phrases I picked up from that movie was "word vomit".  You know when you can't help but vomit and it just all comes out and you can't stop it?  Yup, word vomit is the same thing - you start saying things...things you know you shouldn't say, but you do anyways and it's never good.

Rick and I were talking the other day and he said something to me that was totally normal and instead of just going with it, I questioned him...and questioned and it was so stupid.  I could tell he was getting annoyed with me and I knew the conversation we were having was completely ridiculous and had no point and was only going to end with one of us getting annoyed/hurt, but still I continued with the word vomit.  Finally Rick cracked and he said something that really hurt my feelings and I walked out of the room.

I started thinking how insensitive he was and what a jerk he was to say something he knew was hurtful but then I started thinking about exactly what he said.  Now, what he said doesn't really matter, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true.  What he said was spot on!  So now I was faced with a new dilemma.  Was I upset because he hurt my feelings or was I ultimately upset because he was right?

In the end he apologized and I told him thank you, that yes he was a jerk, but far worse was the fact that what he said was true and it was something that I needed to work on and I would try a little harder to be a little better.  I've been wondering since this incident how many times I have had someone tell me, or heard through the grapevine what someone has said about me, and thought what big jerks they are because they could say such hurtful things, when in reality they were correct in their judgments of me and I missed an opportunity to change and improve myself.

Just something I'm thinking about.


Snookfam said...

I could totally copy and paste this on my own blog for an incident very identical that James and I had last weekend! I LOVE the phrase "word vomit" and I will have to remember that next time.

Good on you for being "grown up" enough to realize your faults and trying to improve yourself. A lesson we can all learn at times.

Denise said...

I really liked this post. I will have to see the movie now. I love movies like that. I still can't get enough of Better Off Dead...

I have a question. You have a blog background from Hot Bliggity Blog. I want to use one from them (or one of the other sites) but now that Blogger has changed the templates under the new Design tab, I can't seem to figure things out. I can't find the Minima that the sites tell you to use and when I use another template, it shows up with the one I get from the free background sites. Did you have this problem?