Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I can't be a mommy blogger without having pictures of kids in their Halloween costumes...pretty sure it's a rule somewhere, so here you are.  My amazing children that are totally cuter than yours and can do no wrong.  Well, here are my cuter than your kids anyway.
Tatiana Ballerina - apparently she also needed a sword to complete the outfit.  Fine.

Aren was Link from Zelda.  I made this stupid costume because online stores wanted like $70!  Um, no.

Fruits of their labors.  I appreciate all their hard work :)


Anonymous said...

*wind howls*

*tumbleweed rolls across the screen*

I'm pretty sure your blog misses you. I miss your blog.

Karen said...

That is hilarious about the sword to go with the ballerina costume. What a perfect mix!