Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Everyone Look Out!

It's kind of been a long month.  Rick has been furloughed since about Christmas time which means that while he technically still has a job, he doesn't need to go to and he won't get paid for it.  We both started school and today in class my teacher actually used the phrase "Shit's gonna hit the fan" when referring to our list of tasks that need completing this semester.  Back to the job job means no income.  Luckily our church is helping a lot and Rick had some vacation saved up, but trust me, it doesn't go far.

Why am I telling the blogging world this?  Who knows.  I hate when people say, "This is my journal so I'm gonna say what I want."  I guess I figure this is my reality, so why hide it?  On the plus side, in the five weeks that Rick has been at home we've only had one little fight and I wouldn't even call it that...more like an ignoring session. 

So to sum up, Rick has no job, two semesters of anatomy at once is going to fry my brain, church food is good - except when they only send us one thing of cheese instead of the two we requested, and I like Rick...mostly.

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Denise said...

You are so cute. I appreciate your honesty. You are going to do so well in your classes although it might get stressful. We went through a period of unemployment and J refused to take help from anyone. THAT'S why we still have credit card debt many years later. I say, take the help, order 3 cheeses next time and go to the library when you can't stand to look at Rick anymore.