Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do Overs

When I was little I used to play jacks with my sisters. We would spread ourselves out across the kitchen floor, cross and uncross our legs and then get serious about our onsies, twosies and threesies, if the jacks were touching or not and strategizing to figure out just how high that ball needed to be thrown up in the air for the ultimate tensies. We played for blood but every once in a while a glimmer of Christ-like love would poke through and when things went wrong we would allow a do-over.

Do-overs are great and something that as adults we don't take enough advantage of. Just this morning as I was trying to clean the kitchen in preparation to dirty it up again, and I as I usually do, started going ballistic about the lack of help I was receiving. Rick tried to calm me down, which I refused to do, and consequently that pissed him off and away we cleaning and hating, Rick wondering and hating. After collecting myself, I stepped outside of the kitchen and said to Rick, "Can we have a do-over?" His response..."Yup."

And that was it. We're talking again and pretending like I didn't let my jacks bouncy ball get too far out of control. Aren't do-overs great?


Marissa said...

Great post! I love do overs and need them often.

amy germer said...

Can I have a do over for my whole life?

Barbara Rees said...

I love your blog--and you and Rick too. Do-overs are the best.

*~Petra~* said...

I like that idea. I am gonna have to implement this with my kids... "would you like a do-over or would you like to be grounded for a week?" I think they will like your option better.