Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogging is the New Crappy Customer Service

Customer service is on the decline. Don't believe me? Just ask my sister Sarah about her latest experience at the Superfresh grocery store...she'll tell ya all sorts of good stuff. What's more disturbing is the total lack of respect I'm discovering in the blog world. Not only do I have to get treated with little respect in the "real" world, but now I'm getting smacked around in the cyber world too. Want examples? You got it.

1. Twice now I've been hit up on my comments page with people either wanting me to vote for them to win a contest or to promote their new website about teaching non-LDS people about our church via second rate cartoons. Seriously? It used to be that I only had to tell 17 year old boys that I wouldn't help them win a trip to tour Europe as they stood at my door trying to sell magazines, now I have to tell they lady trying to win a trip to the east coast to visit a blogger friend she's never met in real life that if she wants me to vote for her, she needs to step it up a bit and at least comment on the story I've told first.

2. I can appreciate people making their blogs private, but man, why do the ones that bring me the most comical enjoyment have to do it without warning. I found a blog one time with the rantings of a crazy lady and her friends were just as nuts and I used to spend Tatiana nap time just bouncing all over the place cracking up at these yahoos. Now I'm stuck with my normal offense my loves. It's like going back to a store you've spent a lot of money in and they're all the sudden closed with no warning at all...poor customer service to say the least.

I could come up with more, but I'm too busy being annoyed with the two examples I've already come up with. Anyone else want to come up with one?


Mel said...

I don't have my own blog. What would I blog about? But I know what you are talking about. I find it odd when I read comments and see a post from a random person asking you to vote or look at something. Just rude.

amelia said...

Ha, I got that same comment. I was bugged too. Promote people voting for you on your own blog, don't leave comments on blogs of folks you don't even bother reading. LAME.

I'm going to agree with the comment above - I hate when people plug their blog in the comments. Like "Hey, if you think that's funny, you should read my blog at!"

Anonymous comments are another thing. Own up to it!

pebes2 said...


My thing also is if you are visiting a blog, leave a comment so they know you were there and like or don't like something about their blog.

Ninny said...

I SOOOOOOO agree with the vote for my story comment. I got that one too. I even went and read the story and it was NOT that funny.

Andersonland said...

totally ignore all contests and attempts to spread the gospel by less than upfront means.

Sorry we locked our blog, but at least I told you :)