Saturday, February 18, 2012


Routines are good.  We had a great routine about two months ago.  Rick went to work, I went to class, Tatiana went to preschool, and Aren did regular school.  Add in some piano lessons, a meal out every now and then, life was good.  Our routine was good.

Then out of the blue we get a phone call saying that Rick is being furloughed; that's the nice of way of saying, "We're not firing you, just don't come back to work until we figure out what to do...and you're not getting paid."

We quickly formed a new routine.  Aren went to school, Tatiana went to preschool, and I went to class and studied...and studied...and studied some more.  Rick quickly fell into the roll of a stay at home dad and he was amazing.  Every morning Tatiana would wake up and say, "Dad, do you have to go to work today?" Rick would respond with his usual, "Nope," and Tatiana would throw her hands up in the air and scream, "Awesome!"  Tea parties and haircuts, Power Puff Girls marathons and lunches of chicken nuggets ensued.  It was an amazing routine.

Friday we finally got word that Rick would be returning to work on Monday, so it's time to figure out a new routine.  I'm not sure how Tatiana is going to deal with being stuck with me all day long as opposed to her tea partying daddy.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle walking in the door from class and having Rick there with a diet coke in hand and a shoulder for me to cry on because I just can't handle one more day in my accelerated anatomy class.

One thing is for sure...neither Rick or I will try and change up our routine by pulling a Calvin.


Denise said...

Jimmy was unemployed for a while and I went back to work. That time was so precious for his relationship with Jackson. When he went back to work, there wasn't much adjustment on Jackson's part, but their bond is still stronger because of it - 4 years later.

Rick said...

"Rick or I will try and change up our routine by pulling a Calvin."

Ummm... speak for yourself!

Susan said...

That's great news for you guys but poor Tatiana will miss her dad. My youngest has always preferred dad and she would love to have time with dad like that.