Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Ol' Dad

Aren loves Rick. Everything about Rick intrigues him and he wants to be just like his dad in every way. If Rick uses a word that Aren is unfamiliar with, the word must be defined and it is immediately incorporated into Aren's vocabulary. Most recently Aren has added the word "literally" to his list of words. When Rick says, "Aren, go jump in the car," it is followed up by Aren saying, "Do you mean literally?"

Rick can be a pretty sarcastic person and Aren has been picking up on that and trying to use it appropriately. He'll even go so far as to say, "Dad, do you think that was sarcastic enough?" Rick honestly has a tear in his eye when Aren is able to make a comment that is not only filled with correct vocabulary usage, but can also be used as a back handed remark.

There is one thing however that Aren wants nothing to do with when it comes to Rick. This morning Rick made eggs for everyone and Aren grabbed his plate and sat down without getting a fork. Rick, who had already been eating, gave Aren his fork and went to get another one. I looked at Aren and said, "Ew! Now you have daddy germs." Aren just grinned and said, "Fine by me! I like dad." It would have been perfect if it had stopped there, but Rick had to open his mouth and say, "Now you have my germs and my genes. Hope you like hairy backs!"

Aren's face went blank, he dropped his fork, spit out his eggs, and went and found a different fork to use. Seems that Aren wants to be just like his dad...but the hairless version.


The Payne Gang said...

Thank you for not including a photo with this story!

Laura said...

no kidding - glad for not photo! But dang I love the way you write - you are incrediable! I want to be just like YOU!

My Name's Sarah said...

Pah hah!!! That's great!

Melinda said...


kellyclay said...

if my Husband wrote my Blog it would be as funny as yours!!!

Elizabeth said...

LOL, that is hillarious!