Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Aren!

Yesterday we celebrated Aren's ninth birthday...can you believe it! I was going to post the typical birth birthday to present birthday pics, but since we already went through the "I can't believe my baby made it this far" in October because of his transplant, I'll spare you all again. Instead, here's way too many pictures of kids you really don't care about.

Stereotypical balloon race

Opening presents...lots of Bakugan

Blowing out the candles...on the good cupcakes

Peace at last...watching Kung Fu Panda and waiting for the pick-up


Arizona Manwarings said...

Hey, I care about the random kids at least one of them i do.

amy germer said...

Is that children playing outside and without coats on-and I do believe I saw palm trees out your window! I am living in the wrong place! Looks like fun!

MaryBeth said...

Amy, you can come down here anytime! The weater was amazing on Saturday and it's only getting better...Christmas will be 70 and sunny ;)