Thursday, August 7, 2008

Common Ground

Those of you who know me and Rick know that we have enough in common to sustain a marriage (love you baby!) but outside of that, I don't know that he would pick me as a buddy. Rick is extremely intelligent and I am, well, not. Whenever I get in my car after he's been in there, invariably the radio station is set to NPR. He was disappointed when he had to stop his on line subscription to the New York Times due to budget cuts and the poor guy gets so annoyed, although he'd never say it, when I ask him to define words I've only pretended to understand.

But have no fear because Rick and I have found something that will tie us together forever and that something is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, you heard me. Buffy.
We are getting our money's worth from Netflix as we have three dvd's of Buffy coming to our house at any given time. Aren is also loving this show as we ignore him completely for three hours as we get our fix, leaving him to watch/do/eat whatever he wants. If you haven't seen it yet, shut up and stop rolling your eyes. This is a show that started out good and is only getting better. The banter between the characters keeps you laughing and the necessary monsters jumping out of nowhere will keep you on your toes.

Come on people. Television is boring at the moment. Nothing good is on right now and won't be for another six weeks or so. Give this a try, but if you're doing Netflix and you take season four away from me, I just might have to drive a stake through your heart.


Lors said...


So great to hear from you. I was noticing the picture of your kitchen and thought...Yah did they get into a house. Then I was doing some looking about and saw Ricks Blog and then saw the post about the fire. HOLY CRAP!!!! I am so glad you are all ok and from the little information that I could find, it sounds like you are all doing ok. I would love to hear the details some time. My email is Your kids are so cute and we miss you guys.

DeCrescenzo Family Blog said...

...giggling at the "stake through the heart" line...

kellyclay said...


Every time I get in my Car after Dale has driven it, it is set to NPR as well.