Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Domesiticated Life

Every once in a while I get this bee in my bonnet that won't go away. For years I begged Rick to buy me a sewing machine. I dropped hints at every Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, heck even Labor Day, to no avail. Then finally in December of 2006 I was blessed with a sewing machine. I opened it and read every booklet and random piece of paper that came with it...then promptly put it back in the box and stored it in the bedroom closet where it sat for over a year.

Over the last six months or so I've become a little braver and have taken out my sewing machine to make blankets...three to be exact...which only require straight sewing lines. Even that was difficult. Then I was called to be Activity Days leader and my heart sank when the girls told me they wanted to learn how to sew. Well, two weeks ago I pulled that bee in my bonnet out and after finding a project in some craft books I stole from my mom (thanks mom!) I have achieved what is for me, sewing nirvana. It really doesn't get much better than this.

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