Thursday, September 4, 2008

Party On, Dude!

I know this has happened to everyone...your friend calls or sees you at church and asks how you're doing, what you're up to, how are the goes on and on. Then before you can realize what's going on, before you can even think about getting away, it happens.

She invites you to a "party".

Where did you go wrong? Was it something you said? I mean, this was your friend, the one you go to lunch with, the one you pawn your kids off on for a few hours so you don't get arrested for homicide, the one you have intimate conversations with about who is better for Bella...Edward or Jacob.

Ok, so they're not THAT bad, in fact, eventually it becomes an addiction. There are parties are for everything, especially candles. It used to be only Gold Canyon, now there's Yankee, Party Lite, Scentsy, and heaven knows how many other candle companies there are, each claiming to be better than the next.

Eventually not only are you going to "parties", you're hosting them. But you can't have a yummy smelling house if it doesn't look good so now you need a Tupperware Party to get everything organized. Then you realize you have to have food to serve so you need Pampered Chef. But wait, you don't look good so now you need MaryKay, Self Indulgence, or Avon. It just goes on and on and on. I swear I need a second job just to keep up with my "parties".

Eventually everything will come to an end - maybe at the second coming, but until that happens, you should probably learn to accessorize, so how about coming to my Premier Designs party on September'll be a blast!


Ninny said...

ROTFL!!! That is why I boycott all parties. Thanks for the invite though. :)

Barbara Rees said...

I love it!! It's so true. About 5 years ago I just stopped going to any parties. Now I have a built in excuse--I don't do parties.

But have fun! :)

kellyclay said...

I feel the same way about parties. I have been lucky lately because everytime there is one, Dale happens to be gone so that is how I get out of going. :) Thanks for the invite. :)

joywinn said...

I decided that the only party I will go to now is Pampered Chef, because I love their stuff. Anything else, I just don't do it. I will NEVER host a party ever again. That's the worse kind to get sucked into.

Let us know what you get! : )

Arizona Manwarings said...

Nice, just so you know I never feel guilty enough to go to any party.