Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was tagged again! How sad is it that I'm more popular as a blogger than I ever was in high school.

This tag is seven things I hate and seven things I love. I was also told that I couldn't put my children or my husband on my love list...what about my hate list? Totally kidding...usually.

7 things I love...
1. I LOVE a clean bathroom. There's something about sitting on a good clean toilet that just leaves me happy.
2. I LOVE catching up with old friends, especially the ones where you only have to say a few words and you already know what story they're going to tell and you end up crying and laughing so hard you pee your pants...hopefully the bathroom is clean.
3. I LOVE beating Rick. I know, horrible, but the man is so smart that anytime I can win I think about it for days. I actually beat him at this online thing where dots are flashed in front of you for .2 seconds and you have to guess if there are more blue dots or more yellow dots and I totally kicked his trash. Suck it Rick!
4. I LOVE Take 5 candy bars. Man that is such an amazing combination of sugar and salt. Pure genius.
5. I LOVE reality tv. I'm a junky. I watch everything from Sunset Tan to Biggest Loser. I can't get enough, which brings me to number six...
6. I LOVE my DVR. I will forever be grateful that Heavenly Father allowed this invention to make it's way into my home. It's worth every bit of the five bucks I pay each month.
7. I LOVE Corey Hart. I always wanted to wear my sunglasses at night but never thought I was hip enough to pull that one off.

7 things I hate...
1. I HATE when Rick uses my spoon to eat my food, like I'm eating ice cream and he takes my spoon and eats my ice cream then give me the spoon back to use. I think it's so disgusting. Yes, I realize this is the same man I make babies with, but blech!
2. I HATE cleaning bathrooms. Yes, I know it's one of the things I love the end result of, but getting to that point is pure and utter hell.
3. I HATE when people are late and don't call. Do you really think your time is that much more important than mine? I have been known to do the same thing in the past and I hate myself for it.
4. I HATE getting screwed over by the insurance companies. For the love, I pay the premiums, stop giving me a bunch of this loophole crap. Just pay the freaking doctor already.
5. I HATE talk shows about people who were picked on in high school and now they're "hot". Please, just because you got a boob job and walk around looking like a whore is not enough to make me sorry for calling you idiot. For what it's worth, I was never mean to anyone in high school...hell, I don't think anyone would remember me from high school.
6. I HATE talking politics with Rick. The man is so overly informed it doesn't matter what I say, he's got some article to quote or some figures to site. I'd rather be on Maury talking to former high school losers.
7. I HATE paying full price for a movie that ends up being lame. I mean come on. I paid six bucks to see Shutter and that ended up being 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I think I was more excited to get home and tell the babysitter how bad the movie was more than I enjoyed the movie itself.

There you have it my friends. Another day, another tag. I tag Shannalee, Tara, Bobbi (gotcha back!), Rick, Emma, Sarah, and...ummmm...Emerson!


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Barbara Rees said...

Saw that coming! LOL You crack me up though!!