Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keep Us Safe from Harm and Accident

Holy crap. Rick thought it would be a great idea to check out a canyon today and spend some time together as family. Sounds innocent enough right? So we take off to Carr Canyon and as usual I'm driving because I get car sick. We see a sign informing us that the road isn't paved and I didn't think much of it because of our time at Coronado a few weeks ago...unpaved roads but very drivable. So not the case here. The roads, if you can even call them that were horrible! Huge rocks/mini boulders paved the way and the only thing keeping us from falling off the edge were my white knuckles clutched to the steering wheel. I would have cried but I knew if I did we would die.

Once again Aren said it best when he said, "I hope we make it down this mountain...alive." We did and we even got a few pictures out of the deal. It'll be a few more weeks before Ricks gets to choose our weekend outing again.

Tatiana the Explorer

Hubba hubba


Treehugger Aren...Rick is proud of this one

Death's door


brossettelewis said...

Glad you are all still alive. Next Sunday try popcorn and a movie.

Arizona Manwarings said...

Come on was a new calling to Nursery really that bad!!!

Katie said...

holy crap!!! I wouldve cried and died! Glad you guys made it

kellyclay said...

I am with Katie I would have cried too!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck! That so reminds me of a drive we took back when Rachel was overdue. I thought we were going to die on that "trail of boulders". I'm glad you made it out ok.