Monday, October 6, 2008


Wanna see what my kitchen looks like when I don't clean it for 48 hours?


Marissa said...

Mine does the same thing. How does it happen and at such an alarming rate?

*~Petra~* said...

First, I am like completely freaked out because your kitchen is my kitchen EXACTLY just flip flopped...even down to the colors of the cabinets. That is weird... I am gonna have to mail you a pic.

Second, you were worried about your cyber-you being different from the real you... well you don't get more real than this!!! :)

Third, I hear we are playing Arizona this week... Hope we don't suck as bad as we have been! I will hate to be hanging my head low again.

Mike on the other hand says to tell you that Kurt will be injured after Sunday, so he will have more time to visit with you guys ;)

MaryBeth said...

Oh, that Mike is so funny. I really can't talk alot of smack about Dallas or play up the Cardinals because quite frankly it won't bother me if they lose.

Just remind your husband that I won't rub any cardinal poop in his face if the Cowboys lose on Sunday and I would like the same respect ;)

Oh, and crazy about the kitchen! I would like mine more if it were attached to a house with a two car garage.

Emma said...

If I didn't clean the kitchen for 48 hours, it would be like that part in a sitcom where the open the closet and stuff falls out. My kitchen is somewhat smaller than yours, though. Oh, to have that many cabinets/that much counter space! It will probably never happen for me.

kellyclay said...

I am with Emma. although I am hoping to have a bigger kitchen once Dale finishes remodeling it!!!

Arizona Manwarings said...

Awsome, I love a 48 hour mess. Great Job!