Monday, October 6, 2008

There's a Difference

So I noticed something the other day. I totally dig my family...well, that part I already knew...and because I dig them so much we're usually always together, but here's the part I noticed. Even though we're always together, we're never doing anything. We're always in the same place but never doing the same things.

This weekend was different.

I made the executive decision to skip on some sessions of conference and spend time not only together, but with each other, as a family. Saturday morning we went to Art in Park which is a big booth-fest with an obscene amount of crafts just in time for the holiday season. Aren loved the fact that homemade lollipops were only fifty cents, Tatiana loved walking in circles around displays, Rick loved the food samples, and I started budgeting for next year so I could get everything I wanted.

Sunday afternoon we decided to check out some local hiking trails. We are surrounded down here in southern AZ by National Parks and we've never taking the time to check anything out. We stopped off at the Visitor's Center at Coronado National Park and they had a great kid's display where you could touch animal bones, furs, and even dress up like a conquistador. Poor Aren was loving it until the weight of almost 30-40 additional pounds got the better of him.

We then headed up the mountains on a crazy switchback road that had me wondering if my brilliant idea of family fun would result in family disaster like so many times before, but we made it and it was beautiful. There are so many people who can't stand living in the desert, but honestly, look at the beauty!

We really did have a great time. I think Aren summed it up best when he said, "Well, it did take away from my free time, but it actually wasn't that bad!"


Melinda said...

What a FUN family outing!

brossettelewis said...

What a fun weekend.

Marissa said...

How fun! And I am so glad it " actually wasn't that bad". LOL

Ninny said...

Makes me wish I would've taken advantage of AZ more when we lived there and the desert definitely does has a beauty all it's own.

The Payne Gang said...

I loved the picture of you and Tatiana, it's like a Halmark card.

Megan said...

Love the picture of Aren and Rick!
What a fun weekend. You guys are cool